Reduce costs with Intelligent Process Automation

Extend the chain of automation and maximize your output by elevating process automation with artificial intelligence.

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Intelligent Process Automation

Combining the efficiencies of process automation with the cognitive power of artificial intelligence, Intelligent Process Automation allows you to reduce costs, increase capacity and improve quality – all with highly predictable and measurable results.

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Our Solutions

Intelligent Product

Whether you lack the capabilities in house, need to speed up an existing project or simply don’t want to disrupt your core business, our experienced team can help you build a custom software product, and extend its capabilities with artificial intelligence.

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Intelligent Product

A.I. Academy

In our three day academy session, your business and technical teams gain a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence applications, and explore the possible ways it could add value to your business.

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Intelygenz AI Academy

Success Stories

We’ve delivered custom software for businesses across a range of industries, helping them to generate value through product building, process automation and artificial intelligence. These are their stories.

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Deep dive into the possibilities of Intelligent Process Automation and take the first steps on your own journey.

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  • What IPA is.
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  • How IPA can be applied.
  • The 3 steps of implementation.
  • How to find the perfect IPA partner.
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Achieving Efficiency

Why choose us

Every Intelygenz project is built around collaboration, fast delivery and ensuring a high quality output that delivers true ROI. The key to our success is Intelygenz Lab – a culture of experimentation that underpins the solutions we build and our contributions to the open source community.

What our clients say

Met Tel logo Ed Fox VP Network Services

Listening to the business cases Intelygenz have surmounted for customers by using their expertise in applying various methods of AI stirred the creativity of our team to generate over 30 different use cases across the whole of our business, identifying where AI can add value – and I am sure there will be more.

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