We can’t believe how quickly they’ve gone by. Four office moves, the opening of two international bureaus, scaling from four to over 120 employees – we feel so grateful for the opportunity to make our dreams come true every day, and we could never have done it without an exceptional team. We are honoured to come into work every day and exchange ideas with some of the brightest minds in our industry.


In spite of all the meaningful goals we’ve achieved as a team, from launching our AI division, Terminus7, to receiving awards for innovation and tech, collaborating with Microsoft, Google and IBM, the most precious have been seeing our unbelievably talented colleagues turn ideas into reality with some truly mind-bending technology.


To each of you who lend your expertise to Intelygenz – not just as a groundbreaking tech company, but as an exciting, hilarious and incredibly stimulating workplace – this is for you. We have gotten to 16 thanks to you.

Pepé, Jonas, Manuel & Fred


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