We are a team of developers, life-long learners and ambitious visionaries – driven to enhance businesses through the deployment of A.I. enabled automation solutions.

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Our solutions empower businesses to generate true ROI through the automation of their processes. We then elevate these solutions with a stack of artificial intelligence tools and techniques, enabling our customers to drive exponential efficiency with Intelligent Process Automation.

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Ethos and Culture

Intelygenz Lab

What started as a passion for learning and improvement quickly evolved into a culture of experimentation that underpins everything we do. Intelygenz Lab is our endless desire to enhance and share our knowledge.

This mindset perfectly reflects life at Intelygenz, and we do everything we can as a business to enable our people to develop themselves and one another.

Our quest to enhance and share knowledge through training programs, conferences and personal development, means customers get access to the expertise of our entire organization, not just their dedicated project team.

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Our development approach prioritizes collaboration, flexibility and quality. That’s why we have three core methodologies as the cornerstones of our business – Agile, ATDD and DevOps. These ways of working bring our customers closer to the development process, providing them with more transparency, more control and a final output that meets their expectations.

A.I. within reach

When automating a business process, we have the expertise to elevate our solutions using artificial intelligence. Driven by a desire to make A.I. more accessible, we’ve honed our development process to bridge the chasm between research and production, allowing all of our customers to overcome the challenges of adoption and add new value to their business.



AI within reach

Managing our impact

The CO2 Initiative

We’re committed to delivering the best possible automation solutions while minimizing our environmental impact. That’s why we teamed up with El Cubo Verde to gain a better understanding of our carbon footprint and explore ways to reduce it.

Read the full report to find out what we learnt and the steps we’re taking to operate more sustainably.

CO2 Initiative

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