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What is A.I. Academy

Intelygenz A.I. Academy is an artificial intelligence course that invites your business and technical leaders to enhance their knowledge of A.I. and explore ways it can be applied to your processes and solutions.

By exploring your current processes and systems, we reveal real ways the latest A.I. technologies can deliver true value to your business.

Intelygenz A.I. Academy session

The applications we explore are informed by the knowledge we share in Intelygenz Lab – which includes our customer projects, internal training squads and engagement with the developer community.

Knowledge is power

Without the knowledge, processes, skills and tools, many businesses struggle to get their A.I. projects off the ground. This A.I. course for business leaders helps you take the first step in overcoming these challenges by giving you an understanding of what A.I. is, what it can do, how it works, and the best areas for its application.

A.I. Academy course A.I. Academy workshop

With a solid understanding of A.I. your project can make it into production

*PWC Digital Product Development 2025

Though we offer packages as a starting point, A.I. Academy sessions are tailored for your business, and the people that will be attending them. Whether you spend a few hours to a few days or a whole week with us, you will:


Discover where your business can benefit from A.I. through prediction and decision-making.


Gain basic software coding knowledge to build and test your own A.I. models on real data sets.


Complete a practical workshop where you’ll build your own A.I. and compete with colleagues.

From ideation to inspiration

Telco company MetTel were able to identify over 30 ways A.I. could be used to add value in A.I. Academy. The business then calculated which idea would provide the greatest ROI and pushed the project forward. Today, Ticket Next Best Action is exponentially saving the business time and money.

“With so much mystery around A.I., it was enlightening to be educated on the current state of A.I. as a business tool by Intelygenz. The challenges they have surmounted for customers using their expertise with A.I. stirred the creativity of our team to generate over 30 different use cases across our business…”

Ed Fox VP Network Services


What to expect

We tailor every A.I. Academy session based on your requirements and the roles of the people you’d like to attend. During your time with our computer scientists, you’ll go from a basic understanding of artificial intelligence to building your own working model.

Stage 01: Applying A.I.

Technical & non-technical staff C-level, Product, Operational, Strategy Managers, Technical Leaders

  • Understand artificial intelligence.
  • Find out what A.I. can really do.
  • Discover Neural Network variants & their applications.
  • Identify when A.I. can be used and what makes a good project.
Stage 1 academy

Stage 02: Technical basics of A.I.

Technical staff with basic coding knowledge, Software Developers, Architects, DevOps

  • Get Basic Python training.
  • Learn to manipulate data sets.
  • Review basic concepts in statistics.
  • Apply Neural Network variants & their technical details.
stage 2 academy

Stage 03: Build your own A.I. model

Technical staff who have attended Stage two; Software Developers, Architects, DevOps

  • Run through the main phases of an A.I. project.
  • Divide your group into teams.
  • Develop a practical A.I. model with company data sets.
  • Compete!
stage 3 academy

Custom Business Training in A.I

For more on what to expect from our A.I. business course, download the digital brochure.


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