AI in 2019: What Businesses Need to Know

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We’re already a few months into 2019, and things look promising from an AI for business outlook. From integrating AI into the Internet of Things to utilizing AI recognition systems to speed up controls, like border crossings, we believe 2019 will harken a truly seamless integration of artificial intelligence into our day-to-day lives. Here are the top five areas in which we think AI will make its greatest advancements before the ball drops on December 31st.

1. AI for the Internet of Things (Smart IoT)

The Internet of Things is just that: everyday things – that are connected. So far, these objects have been performing simple tasks, like making sure the lights and heating are off when they aren’t needed. In 2019, we’ll see an explosion of new smart objects that can analyze and make suggestions, predictions and decisions based on collected data – in essence, machine learning for everyday objects.

2. AI in the Edge with 5G

The key here is 5G. In 2019, the real deployment of 5G begins, and that means a whole world of possibilities opening up. Among other things, we’ll be able to deploy directly to nano data centers – tiny data centers that are scattered throughout the globe that are connected to antennas belonging to telecoms companies. The models that provide local service will be capable of being deployed even without an Internet connection. Watch this space for upcoming Terminus7 projects in the Edge with 5G!

3. AI in the Edge

While this may sound similar to the above, it’s not. With AI in the Edge, we will be able to deploy models closer and closer to where things happen, from a mobile to a washing machine or any other type of device. This is the perfect complement to the Internet of Things – when a connection is available, the system will be upgraded, and when there is no connection, local models will be available for performing the tasks they’ve already learned.

4. Industry 4.0

AI will put Industry 4.0 concretely into gear this year. The whole issue of the Edge and the Smart IoT is going to make it easier to start impacting the digitalization of manufacturing and industrial work, which lag behind banking, telecoms, and other sectors in terms of digitalization, automation, and AI integration.

5. Everyday AI

In 2019, we’ll see more and more small – and not so small – AI-enabled programs and applications that affect and facilitate our day-to-day lives. AI will really slide into every aspect of our lives this year, especially when it comes to sophisticated recognition systems that can classify and accelerate certain processes, such as airport security, borders, and other types of controls.

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