Retail is no longer a business centred around products and promotions- it’s all about customer experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance every step of the retail journey, from predicting a customer’s perfect purchase to providing a guaranteed delivery date and time- all without human intervention. Discover how AI can be implemented into your retail workflow.


Here are 3 ways AI is revolutionizing retail:


1.     Improving customer service:
Whether it’s improving your voice-powered IVR and intelligent call route to prioritize and direct calls, or using a Chatbot to automate communication with customers, AI is a solution to improve business efficiency at the initial customer contact stage.


Although many businesses have already adopted Chatboxes to automate communication through text interface, they can also be used to capture initial details prior to the handover to human interaction.


It’s not only the initial customer contact stage that allows you to implement AI. AI can also be used as a part of your aftercare. Trouble Ticket Management can be used to prevent the increasing complexity of Service Desk activities. Organizations can use smart software tools with easily accessible automated resolution recommendations.


2.     Improve your targeted marketing:

AI can help every stage of the customer’s journey – even before they’re a customer.  AI-powered demand matching is capable of discovering the common interests of customers. By anaylyzing customer interest types, products can be presented in the most appealing way to potential customers to increase sales from a marketing campaign.


3.     Improve staff productivity:
AI is much more about supporting and enhancing human performance than replacing it. AI Supported Order Help Enquiry Processing takes away the mundane parts of the agent’s role to allow them to concentrate on complex tasks such as customer interaction, relationship and overall satisfaction.



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