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Credit scores have long been a subject of worry for many banking customers. Not only could the figures themselves be lower than what is hoped for, but simply requesting a credit check can negatively impact scores. A large retail bank wanted to give customers more control and assurance by providing a transparent overview of their scores and the factors that were affecting them. They also wanted to provide ways for customers to identify errors in bills, financing or even fraud that may be damaging their ratings through no fault of their own.

What we did

We were the technical partner in the development of the Upturn Credit App – a web and mobile app that gives users a holistic view of their current credit score without impacting their ratings. Additional functionalities include the automatic flagging of any unusual changes to credit scores and the ability to quickly and easily process error claims that may be having a negative effect.

The Process

Developed using the Angular framework, Upturn was designed as a single page web and mobile app that securely authenticates users to ensure their identity and presents easy-to-understand details of their credit reports and current score.

We developed the back end of the solution using node.js+mongodb and implemented third party integrations like TransUnion APIs that deliver powerful and accurate credit history data. This enables the app to authenticate US Residents using credit reports containing trustworthy information.

As for the front end, we developed both the web and cross platform mobile applications, which share the same functionalities. For the mobile version, we also integrated some additional features as extra layers of security, including TouchId and FaceId.



With more transparency over their credit scores, banking customers are able to gain a better understanding of their financial situation and make more informed decisions when deciding whether or not to apply for financial products. The solution reduces the amount of risk that is normally associated with things like credit card applications or loan requests. With visibility of not just the score, but also conditions that are affecting the score, customers can take more control over their circumstances and even reshape what may be possible for them in the future.


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