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The ask

An industry leading soft drink and food manufacturer had millions of IoT connected coolers that were capable of remotely reporting attributes like location, temperature, door status, stock levels, compressor health and much more. As is well known in CPG industries, the shelf placement of products has a huge and direct impact on sales numbers. The client was looking to leverage this, but knowing which items were stocked in an individual unit and the placement of each item at any given time was not an existing feature of their machines.

What we did

We worked with the client and their IoT provider to integrate a retrofit camera that photographs the contents of a cooler each time the door is opened.  These pictures are then automatically uploaded to cloud storage, where the Intelygenz AI analyzes them to identify the brands and shelf positioning of each product.  The client can then understand exactly how products are stocked in each cooler and adjust any incorrect positioning. This ensures higher compliance across all units and has helped the client drive sales and manage customer behaviour/compliance at an enormous scale.

The Process

This solution would benefit any business that needs to monitor planogram compliance or visually check their stock automatically. Using AI is a powerful way to achieve this, because it can break down complex images into constituent parts and pull out data from each piece of the picture. 

98% accuracy of brand and location.


By enabling remote management of planogram compliance across all units, this solution gave the client easy and comprehensive control over their stock. This allowed them to better manage their retail partners with new incentives/penalties that maximize product sales. They have also saved time and resources by removing the need to visit stores and now have access to 24/7 monitoring of their assets.


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