Last month, we celebrated our 5th annual KidzDay, commonly known as the cutest event of the year.

Along with a few of our most playful staff members, our curious Kidz, aged 4 to 10, donned Oculus for the first time, tried their tiny hands at Game Programming, participated in a tricky Escape Room,

 and took part in a Musical Workshop – all designed to get them excited about technological innovation as early on as possible. As usual, we’re unsure who had more fun – the Kidz, or the “adults.”

Part of our annual KidzDay is also a toy drive. This year, we donated to Reyes Magos de verdad, an organization who brings the magic of Christmas to underprivileged children across Spain by delivering donated gifts.

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a man helps three children use a technical kit teaching them about it A man displays some code to six children teaching them about it

A Man helps a child to code a video game teaching them about it