$9.5 trillion. That’s the lowest annual business value economic research giant MGI (McKinsey Global Institute) estimates could be generated by AI. On the high end of the scale, they estimate it could reach $15.4 trillion.


While there is debate raging about the impact of AI on the economy – some experts believe it will create job loss, while others believe it will create more jobs than it eliminates – one thing is certain: businesses will reap major benefits from the increased productivity generated by AI.


Building a data-driven business strategy is now more vital than ever. According to the International Data Corporation, businesses will spend $52bn on AI within the next 3 years. And those who adopt early will reap the greatest advantages.

“Late adopters might find it difficult to generate impact from AI, because front-runners have already captured AI opportunities and late adopters lag in developing capabilities and attracting talent.” – MGI


Artificial Intelligence is no longer an issue of the future. It is impacting today’s economy in ways we have yet to even measure – from sales recommendations to the automation of unskilled work.


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