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Adopt Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) to drive exponential efficiency with a highly predictable ROI.

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Discover Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Combining the efficiencies of process automation with the cognitive decision making capabilities of artificial intelligence, Intelligent Process Automation (a.k.a. Intelligent Automation) allows businesses to generate value with highly predictable and measurable results.


Automating both actions and decisions, these techniques extend the chain of automation so you can:

Reduce Costs with IPA


Whether it’s increased production output, or time saved on human labour, Intelligent Process Automation provides endless opportunities for cost reduction.

Increase capacity with IPA


Intelligent Process Automation can execute actions and decisions with a level of speed and accuracy that is impossible for humans. This means you can scale your process without increasing the size of your team.

Improve quality with IPA


With your processes running faster, more efficiently and more accurately, you can make quality improvements in areas such as output and customer experience.

Measurable and highly predictable

A huge benefit of process automation is predictable margin generation
Through the cost reduction, capacity gains and quality assurances benefits of automation, companies can drive significant margin benefit when scaling.

For less complex tasks that do not require human decision making, standard Process Automation techniques still bring you these benefits. Intelligent Process Automation simply amplifies them by allowing you to automate even the most sophisticated processes.

IPA Benefits Other Benefits of IPA


Other IPA Benefits

  • Enhance employee experiences
  • Introduce new market offers
  • Differentiate your services

Costs that were historically growing at least at a linear level with growth are reduced significantly and flattened creating much larger distances between revenue and costs.

End-to-end automation

Standard Process Automation removes the need for humans to work on simple, repetitive tasks. To do this, the solution uses structured data to advance from one task to the next.

Usually, when the data for a task is unstructured, a human needs to make a decision on what to do next. But by mimicking human cognition, artificial intelligence allows these decision points to be automated too.

Implementing IPA IPA implementation

the end-to-end automation of processes, enabLeS businesses to achieve remarkable time and cost savings.

IPA in action

These success stories reveal how some of our customers have conquered a range of unique challenges by enhancing their business with Intelligent Process Automation.

Marketing with A.I.

An international bank was looking for a faster, non-traditional way to build their marketing campaigns and achieve higher ROI on their marketing budget. With our Intelligent Process Automation solution, they were able to return 35,117 sales out of their 156,000 customers, with a 23% success rate.

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Refining SED Data Configurations

A European Space Agency research group was looking for a way to improve their Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) analysis process which took 52 hours to compute and enhance their opportunities for investigation. Our Intelligent Process Automation solution was able to reduce computing time by 90.4% .

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Refining SED Data Configurations

Automating Maintenance Tasks

Telecommunications company MetTel wanted to improve their operational efficiency and quality of service by automating one of their day-to-day repetitive maintenance tasks. With our Intelligent Process Automation solution, this task was fully automated with and 52% of corrective maintenance operations now completely solved by A.I.

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Achieving efficiency with Intelligent Process Automation

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