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Competing in the digital economy

The global economy is truly digital. From in-app shopping to curbside pickups, consumers expect to live and work in a world where speed, convenience, and ease of access to services is the norm.


A.I. enabled process automation empowers businesses to capitalise on their existing systems of record, core operational processes, and data sources to find patterns, predict outcomes, improve decision making, and augment intelligence. With a solution working real-time in full production, they can continually extract value from live data, digitise human activity and remove friction.

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The journey to ROI

Not every business has already implemented A.I. or automation, but most are somewhere on the journey. This can be broken down into three stages:


Stage one is where you look at historic data. You enhance your understanding of what has already happened in your business: like last month’s sales figures, your biggest selling products, or manufacturing run times.


In stage two, you use this understanding to predict what might happen in the future. This could be forecasting revenue based on product trends, customer needs, weather, geography, or anything where the answer could give you a competitive edge.


Stage three is where you take action on these predictions, embedding them into robust automated processes in order to maximise return. These actions could be predicting supply chain demand, automating email classification, or reducing product returns with enhanced product-customer fit.


Our Day Zero Benefit

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Before we even begin working together, we bring honed methodologies, specialist tools and hardware, a highly skilled hybrid team, and respected industry accreditations.

This “Day Zero Benefit” has taken over two decades to acquire, and is how we’re able to accelerate the journey to ROI and competitive advantage for our clients.

From Day One, we pull these elements together in a stringent development and deployment methodology consisting of 4 stages: Process Scoping, Process Mapping and Rapid Hypothesis Testing, A.I. Deployment, and Maintenance.

Throughout this process, we apply a range of tools that are critical to integrated and automated solution deployment, as well as our own platform and development infrastructure.

Success stories

These success stories reveal how some of our customers have capitalized on their data to drive change and point of difference with A.I. enabled automation.

Marketing with A.I.

An international bank was looking for a faster, non-traditional way to build their marketing campaigns and achieve higher ROI on their marketing budget. With our Intelligent Process Automation solution, they were able to return 35,117 sales out of their 156,000 customers, with a 23% success rate.

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Refining SED Data Configurations

A European Space Agency research group was looking for a way to improve their Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) analysis process which took 52 hours to compute and enhance their opportunities for investigation. Our Intelligent Process Automation solution was able to reduce computing time by 90.4% .

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Refining SED Data Configurations

Automating Maintenance Tasks

Telecommunications company MetTel wanted to improve their operational efficiency and quality of service by automating one of their day-to-day repetitive maintenance tasks. With our Intelligent Process Automation solution, this task was fully automated with and 52% of corrective maintenance operations now completely solved by A.I.

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