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What started as a passion for learning and improvement quickly evolved into a company culture of experimentation that underpins everything we do.

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intelygenz lab allows us to share knowledge internally and with the wider developer community.
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What is Intelygenz Lab?

Intelygenz Lab is our endless desire to enhance and share our knowledge – both internally and with the wider developer community.

Whether it’s through our training squads, conferences and meet-ups, or the projects we’re actively working on, this ambition gives our customers access to the expertise of the entire organization. It also helps us ensure guaranteed delivery of high-quality solutions, as we pool our collective learnings to solve problems and make improvements.

These characteristics keep us at the forefront of business technology and allow us to find new ways of applying emerging tools and techniques, like Intelligent Process Automation.

Intelygenz Lab Ambition - to be the best developers we can be within the developer community

01. Ambition

The ambition to be the best developers we can be.

Intelygenz Lab Experimentation - to contribute to the developer community

02. Experimentation

Continuous experimentation with technology.

Intelygenz Lab Knowledge shared within the developer community and beyond

03. Knowledge

Commitment to be life-long learners and to share our knowledge.

Intelygenz Training Squads

Intelygenz Training Squads allow our people to hone their skills in a variety of technical disciplines. Each Squad has an experienced lead, and training is mapped to each individual’s personal development plan to help them grow professionally.

The topics covered in our course paths are continually updated, as experts from around the business experiment with the latest methodologies. Current training areas range from API Architecturing to Machine Learning.





Engaging the developer community

We also engage with developers and business professionals through conferences and meet-ups. This involves sharing key learnings by speaking at these technology events, as well as giving our teams the opportunity to keep up with the latest advances and gather insights from the industry.



Intelygenz Lab - Mettel Innovation Summit 2020

Research application

We start every new project by applying the knowledge and experience we’ve gained in historic research and the building of our past solutions. This allows us to create an informed, methodical breakdown and solid project plan, ensuring seamless delivery of a high quality final product. This quest for knowledge never ends, and is key driver in how we’re able to find new applications of cutting-edge technologies.

Download our Tech Stack for a list of the technologies and methodologies we’re currently using.

Download Tech Stack

Open-source tools

Almost every Intelygenz project uses an open-source tool at some point in the development process. Because of this, we wanted to give back to the developer community by launching our own contributions. Not only does sharing these tools help our fellow developers in their various projects, it also allows us to continuously evolve and improve them through their feedback.