Safely Simplifying I.D. Verification

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The ask

Ever tried getting a proof of address – only to realize you needed a proof of address just to get one? Collecting all of the official documents that certify that you’re really you can be tricky, and at times require bureaucratic acrobatics that postpone crucial needs, like opening a bank account, getting a mortgage, or applying for a new passport.

So, a large bank set out to change the I.D verification process.


A large bank set out to unify ID verification

What we did

We created an Android and iOS-compatible app that confirms that you’re, well, you. All of the documentation a bank or government may ask of you – think social security number, payslip, proof of address – is stored in the app. You can then give access to third parties who need to verify your I.D., whether you’re trying to write a contract or get a retina scan.

Companies can link up to the app to certify that you’re really you – it can even check that the passport you’ve uploaded is genuinely yours. Third parties can pull your personal information once you’ve given your authorization, which means you don’t have to send highly personal documents through unsecured channels, like email. You control all of your information in a central repository, saving countless calls, emails – or hours searching through your files – while making it safer for companies to access your information.



The process

It is a mobile app (Android and iOS) and generic SDK that manages a personal vault. It stores encrypted items related to personal identification. Vault is owned by the user, who has sole access. The user can grant access to third parties who need to verify their identity, easing enrolment processes where highly sensitive information like Social Security Numbers, I.D. documents, and more, are necessary.

A set of master keys kept by the user ensures the app cannot access encrypted user data vaults or any of its users’ content. To provide a third party with a document, a copy of each item is encrypted solely for the eyes of that third party, ensuring no middle-party can see the contents.

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One app, all your documents in one place

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