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The ask

We were approached by a credit company which helps US residents to repair and improve their financial health while making it easier to offer financial products that otherwise might not be available to them. They came to us as they needed to bootstrap the engineering team.

They were looking to offer their solution both as a web application and a mobile application.



What we did

This company chose Intelygenz to be the engineering team to bootstrap the entire application platform from scratch.

Backend services are connected to Transunion, one of the main three credit scoring institutions in the US that keeps records of the financial history of US residents. Working the application to ensure it worked on popular Web browsers, iOS and Android devices. This integration allows for two things: user identification and secure access to customer credit reports.



The process

We developed the backend services using NodeJS and integrated them with Transunion.

We ensured that the app offered full support and compliance with Transunion, as well as other internal compliances, that were required to ensure that the app could have access to users credit reports while keeping customer information safe.

A mobile app was developed using React Native simplifying the development process while at the same time ensuring a very robust and easy to use mobile application to customers.

A single-page web application developed in Angular allows users to access all functionality, similar to the mobile application, from desktop browsers too, so it has full functionality across multiple devices.




Within just 9 months of launching, the platform had reached a total of 100,000 users.

The application has reached a mature state and its functionality continues to prove useful for the client’s customers and users.





total users & counting

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