5 signs you will benefit from A.I. enabled process automation

Many businesses are already using A.I. enabled process automation to unlock benefits – from predicting the future and augmenting human decision-making, to automating repetitive tasks. But for those who are yet to explore this limitless technology, trying to determine whether it would be worth the investment can be a challenge.

When is the best time? What type of application would give us the best ROI? How do we know if it would truly benefit us?

Though there is much to consider, simply taking a look at your most common and pressing business challenges give you a good idea as to whether or not A.I. enabled automation would truly drive your business forward.

Understand your challenges

There are 5 key areas that indicate your business may be a prime candidate to start using A.I. enabled process automation. Complete this checklist to gain an idea of where a new solution could provide the most advantage.

  1. Overspend
    • My company exceeds budgets regularly.
    • We don’t feel in control of spending.
  2. Tired workforce
    • There are frequent human errors.
    • Employees feel stretched or burned out.
    • There are repetitive mundane daily jobs to do.
    • Employee morale is low.
  3. Wasted time
    • Decision-making is a slow process.
    • I find myself in too many meetings.
    • There are multiple systems in use.
    • Our forecasting is less accurate than we would like.
  4. Inefficiency
    • There is a lack of traceability for analytics and audits.
    • We work inefficiently with multiple data points.
  5. Slow Service
    • Customers complain about waits for data and/or services.
    • It takes too long to solve complaints or problems.
    • We have a high customer attrition rate.

Calculate your results

Tally your total number of checks above to figure out how much A.I. enabled process automation can help you make your business even better.

0-4: What you’re doing is working.
Congrats on an efficient business with happy staff and customers! If you’re looking for inspiration for ways to proactively solve more challenges, browse our success stories.

5-10: There’s some room for improvement.
You’re doing many things right, but there are several opportunities to enhance your operations. It’s definitely worth thinking about the ways A.I. enabled process automation could help you achieve this. Download our TNBA brochure for an in-depth example in the telecoms industry.

11-15: It’s time to explore your automation options.
A high number of challenges means there is maximum value to be gained by implementing A.I. enabled process automation. Get in touch and we’ll advise on how to go about identifying which course of action will deliver the highest ROI.

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