Why machine-human interactions keep customers coming back

When it comes to customer service, some say you can’t beat the human touch. That may be true, but from a business perspective, we sometimes beg to differ.

Sure, your customers love the empathetic nuances and genuine connections of talking to a human call operator – and admittedly, machines haven’t perfectly replicated this (….yet). 

But when all they need is a fairly standard problem solving quickly and efficiently, at any time of the night or day, using automation is quite literally a no-brainer. 

Whether it’s helping them correct an issue themselves with simple instructions, or executing tasks and decisions for them, a swift, accurate resolution keeps any customer satisfied.


We’re not saying human operatives shouldn’t serve customers any more. In fact, quite the opposite: your business will need their much more capable minds and emotional intelligence to solve more complex issues. This is where customers need genuine care, attention to detail, and a passion for good service from your people. 

But for repetitive everyday tasks, automation not only does fine, it significantly improves the customer experience:

  • Faster resolution? Check.
  • Less time in queues? Check.
  • More personalized service? Check.
  • Fewer mistakes? Check.
  • The list goes on.

As well as these extremely welcomed customer benefits, choosing to automate the mundane also frees your operators to focus their time and attention on the complex. This makes their work significantly more engaging, and reduces the human errors that tend to arise with less stimulating duties.

From an operational standpoint, this translates to increased efficiency, fewer bottlenecks, less duplication of work, and even reduced staff turnover. These more internal-focused impacts all collide to create obvious financial benefits. 

And the best part is: with the right approach to process scoping and process mapping, you can create a custom A.I. automation solution with an ROI that is measurable before any building even takes place. 

So, we say save your humans’ invaluable time for those customers with trickier issues, and let them unleash their people skills where they are truly needed. 

But for all other issues, create machine-human interactions that enhance and streamline the customer experience, and you’ll see less churn, more repeat business, and a boosted reputation.

Want to know more? Reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to fill you in on the possibilities of A.I. driven customer service.


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