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Jonas Talks PowerAI with IBM

Jonas Talks PowerAI with IBM

After the success of our AI4Good Hackathon with IBM, we decided to test out IBM’s PowerAI platform for ourselves.

What was our verdict? We absolutely loved it.

But what was it that made us love using PowerAI as much as we did? Well, to put it into just one word: efficiency. With many similar systems, the bandwidth between CPU, GPU and memory is simply insufficient to do the job. This, in turn, often goes on to create a bottleneck. But when we used PowerAI for ourselves, this problem was hugely alleviated. This software lets users deliver a faster time to market, which is a crucial aspect for so many of our customers.

Another hugely important factor for many high-security sectors is having a way to keep sensitive information secure internally. That’s another great feature of PowerAI software. While it has cloud-hosting capabilities, it can also store data locally and offline. This will be of high importance for sectors such as banking, insurance, and healthcare.

Jonas de Cruz is a member of our team here at Intelygenz who recently attended AI4Good Hackathon and he got to experience PowerAI up close and personal.


Watch Jonas de Cruz give his full review of his experience using Power AI in the video below.

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