Simplifying the I.D. Verification Process

Have you ever tried getting your proof of address to open up a bank account, apply for a passport, get a mortgage, or anything else, only to find that you need some proof of address to even get it? We’ve all been through the struggle of trying to acquire all the right documents to prove that you really are who you are, and every time we find the I.D. verification process to be unnecessarily complicated.  

That’s why a large bank decided that enough was enough – it was time to simplify the tedious I.D. verification process. Read on to find out what we did to help them make this happen. 

Everything You Need In Just One App

Joining forces with this large banking client, we worked hard to create Covault. Covault is an iOS and Android-compatible mobile app that makes it easy to confirm that you’re you, making the I.D. verification process much smoother. 

With this app, we created an easy, safe, and secure place to store every piece of information that you may need to supply for an important application. From your social security number to your proof of address and more, it’s all stored within the app so that you never need to scramble around for these documents ever again.

Covault also makes it easy – and secure – to share these documents with the third-parties that require them while also ensuring that you stay in total control of them through end-to-end encryption. 

How Does Covault Simplify the I.D Verification Process?

Overall, as Covault pulls data from third parties, users don’t need to send sensitive documents through unsecured channels, and they can rest assured that their sensitive information remains secure throughout the whole process. Each item is encrypted solely for the third party to ensure it cannot be accessed by anyone else, and the app makes it easier than ever to find these important documents whenever they are needed. 

To find out what we did and how we created Covault, read our case study in full below: 

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