Using Software to Improve Insights Into Student Demographics

Using Software to Improve Insights Into Student Demographics

When a marketing company within the educational market came to us seeking our expertise in A.I. and software, we were more than happy to oblige. They were looking for a way to help universities, colleges, and schools track the student enrolment process through a focused dashboard with all metrics in one place and provide more in-depth student demographics. 

They wanted this dashboard to display a complete overview of students contacted, interested, applied, and enrolled, along with student demographics, to help educational institutions to better understand their students and where they come from. Previously, these educational institutions were using custom-made reports in Salesforce to gain these insights, which was time consuming and lacked key data. 

We wanted to create a tool that would provide faster insights with more detail and context to give these institutions the key information they needed to better understand the needs of their students. So, we set to work. 

How We Helped Improve Insights Into Student Demographics

Fed by the data already used in Salesforce, we created a dashboard providing the existing insights of student demographics. This tool tracks students all the way from the initial outreach stage all the way up to the retention of students. Thich allows the educational institution to track important metrics such the total of students that have attended events, began their studies, etc. The tool also allows educational institutions to track how they are performing in comparison to their competitors and highlight areas they can improve in the future. 

What Was the Result?

Our solution has proven to be very useful to the client’s customers and currently provides improved insights to more than a dozen different educational institutions. 

To find out more about how we went about creating this solution to improve insights and what the results were, read our case study below:


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