The 7 biggest technology trends for 2022 and beyond

Every business wants to get—and stay—on top of technology, and it changes fast. Whether you’re an IT Executive or a CIO; whether your business is digital or bricks and mortar, innovation is important to help you adapt, grow, and become more focused on the future.

We’ve curated seven rising trends that will work for your company in 2022 and into the future:

Generative A.I.
Generative A.I. takes an input and produces its own creation that has similarities, but does not entirely repeat, the inputted data.

This technology can help automate the repetitive, time-consuming processes used in digital image and audio correction. It also has the potential to contribute towards rapid prototyping in various fields, including manufacturing and medicine.

Hyperautomation uses a variety of technologies in tandem to identify and automate as many processes as is both possible and helpful to your business.

This increase in automation prepares your business for the future by ensuring that your technology keeps up as you grow, and if there are disruptions like forced remote working, you’re ready to react.

At Intelygenz, we work with you to discover which areas of automation you would most benefit from. For a telecoms company, we used A.I. and automation to create a fully automated ticket resolution system. Read the full case study to find out how.

Distributed Enterprises
Given the steep rise in home working over the past few years, it may not surprise you that a remote-first, digital-focused business model is on this list.

Distributed enterprises can improve employee and customer experiences by moving towards hybrid work environments and digitized touchpoints for working and purchasing.

Autonomic Systems
Have you heard of the autonomic nervous system? It controls and regulates your body’s systems without you consciously controlling it.

An autonomic computing system works much the same way. It is a self-managed system that continuously learns and changes without any input from the user to optimize the functions it controls.

The obvious advantage of this is fewer worker hours being required. Autonomic systems can also help future-proof your business by adapting to new requirements, defending against attacks, and optimizing its own performance.

Composable applications
Put simply, composable applications encompass the idea that small blocks of code can be separated from the whole process or application, and repurposed elsewhere.

Composable applications can be helpful both within and across businesses, as they simplify the reusing of code. This fits in with the Intelygenz ethos, and our endless desire to enhance and share knowledge, internally and with the wider developer community. Through Intelygenz Lab, we both use and contribute to open-source tools, pooling our collective learnings to solve problems and make improvements.

Cloud-native architectures
You may have noticed some similarities in these trends. Agile, dynamic methodologies, like cloud-native architectures, are the best ways to gear your companies up for the future and prepare for possible changes.

Cloud-native architectures are built to take the greatest advantage possible of the benefits of the cloud, rather than just creating a system and then transferring it to the cloud. This makes the system more agile, and makes maintenance easier.

Decision Intelligence (DI)
DI is an outcome-focused approach that is intended to, where appropriate, automate or enhance human decision-making. It makes use of A.I., analytics, and simulations. The more DI is used, the better it becomes, as it learns from and refines decisions, making it ideal for a forward-thinking business.

At Intelygenz, we pride ourselves on challenging the digital landscape. From the Intelygenz Lab, to our remote-friendly office, and the way we work with your business to identify the areas that would most benefit from automation, we embody these trends in our own offices and in our work with our clients.

For a free consultation, answers to your questions, or to discover how we could surface hidden value from within your data, get in touch.

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