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The ask

An entrepreneurial bank spotted an opportunity in the US banking industry: they wanted to fill a gap between consumer banking and large enterprise banking services to better serve the growing market of freelancers and small companies. Supported by the bank’s mothership, a spin-off team of entrepreneurs set about building a branchless bank – that means, entirely digital – from scratch, focusing on providing valuable services for freelancers and small companies. Their model was a fee-free financial service that would allow small businesses to grow.

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What we did

Working with the spin-off team, we defined a technical architecture that supported the bank’s vision. Our approach allowed rapid market deployment of an MVP banking service, with real-world testing of the product market to guide its direction. The bank is now far beyond MVP – we continue to build and maintain the platform in production for thousands of customers today.



The process

Combining flexibility and high levels of automation with security and deployment were crucial. The architecture had to match the ability to offer a fee-free bank, something that could only be achieved using significant automation and a resilient platform for low maintenance costs.

We built and integrated an entire back-end API banking suite.

The back-end attaches the front-end offerings to a core banking infrastructure that underpins all services. It features integration with multiple third-party providers who are used to automate security, smooth the onboarding process, and add a plurality of digital banking features.


API banking suite build API banking suite build


Over ten thousand freelancers and small business owners now bank on their terms with the spin-off’s web and mobile app, integrating with dozens of external payment and financial services providers. They can make bank-to-bank transfers, send and receive instant payments, pay bills, mail checks, and more – all digitally, all without fees.








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