Enhancing Data Availability for a Better Online Experience

An award-winning app that helped an energy provider grow its customer base

The ask

A Spanish electricity supplier was looking to improve their online platform to help meet customer needs, appeal to more customers, and enhance their business growth. As a strategy to differentiate themselves from the incumbent market leader and boost their current customer base, they decided to develop a world-class customer interface featuring fully automated self service.

What we did

Generating this slick customer experience required the seamless merging of two distinct layers of development. First, we conducted a full review and redesign of all processes that would require automation; which included customer onboarding, collation and aggregation of energy usage, generation of billing history breakdown, service status and coverage map information updates. This approach of process scoping, process mapping and automation, enabled us to automate each of these tasks.

We then worked with the UI/UX team to build the front end layer of development, which included both native mobile and web applications. This presentation layer was vital for exposing the automated processes to users in a crystal clear way and removing all friction from the user experience.

This is a fantastic example of why weaving front end presentation with the underlying process automation is essential for achieving a step change in customer experience.

The process

To ensure the effectiveness of this solution, we incorporated a range of technologies and development approaches:



Single Business Logic Core_

The project was built upon the solid foundations of a single business logic core that controlled all of the automated processes. This allowed the client to determine how data is created, stored or changed within their system and easily automate new processes for future offerings, promotions and services.



Streamlining Processes_

By streamlining processes, introducing modern architectures and deploying faster, lighter technologies, we significantly improved data availability. For example, we reduced how soon customers were able to see their electricity usage from 24-48 hours to less than an hour.



Mobile & Desktop Ready_

At the presentation layer we gave users the widest possible access to the new experience from the device of their choice. We built dedicated Native Mobile Apps (iOS & Android) and full desktop Web interfaces. Although customized to fit the navigation and expectations of the user and their device, each experience took advantage from the same connection and exposure to the underlying automated processes.


award-winning user


through process



With the new online portal in full working production, customers were able to enjoy an industry-leading user experience that met their demand for convenience, enhanced visibility of energy usage, and simplified the view of account data.


For the client, this improved satisfaction helped them to appeal to more customers and grow their business. Modern software architectures enabled cost-effective change management and ongoing maintenance. By addressing market dynamics through process automation, they were able to reduce both the cost change and operational expenditure.


The success of the project resulted in the application winning a National Award from one of Spain’s largest financial newspapers for Best Business.

Winner of best

energy retail B2C

application in one

of Spain’s largest



The benefits of automation

At Intelygenz, we analyze our Process Automation projects using a 3-wins pattern.


To provide a real benefit to the organization, it must generate benefits for customer, employee and company:

Customer Value


  • Improved service quality
  • Round the clock service delivery
  • Improved service consistency
  • Faster service resolution
  • Round the clock availability


Employee Value

Employee Value:

  • More engaging work
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • More time for human contact with customers
Shareholder Value

Shareholder Value:

  • Higher ROI within the first year
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Increased accuracy
  • Increased speed
  • Workforce flexibility
  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased scalability
  • Brand enhancing
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