A Center of Customer Excellence

A Center of Customer Excellence

No matter which sector your retail business serves, A.I. can do so much to help you hit both your internal and external strategic objectives. Whether it’s creating A.I. enabled custom software or utilizing the power of Intelligent Process Automation, the possibilities are endless.

The key to success with any type of A.I. project is to look out for opportunities based on your existing systems and processes. Then, you must take stock of the data you already have ready at your disposal. Work with your development team to think of the different ways it can be used to make substantial improvements to your business operations.

That is exactly what we did for the call centre of one of the world’s largest global financial institutions. The company we worked with was looking to gain a better understanding of all of the inbound customer correspondence and monitor service outages customers were experiencing through their call centers, and we found an effective way to help them achieve this goal.

We worked with the business and as a result, it was able to cut costs and provide a greatly enhanced customer experience from its call centers. The full story breaks down the details of how we were able to do this and the impact of this A.I. powered automation on their organisation.


Read the full story by clicking the link below to find out how this business was able to cut costs and provide an enhanced customer experience from its call centers.

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