AI for Communications Is Here

Chris Brown and MetTel

AI for Communications

From writing novels to detecting tumors, industries are tapping into the potential of Artificial Intelligence. Giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are experiencing much of their success thanks to advanced AI. It’s no wonder why: AI can greatly boost efficiency and bring customers more of what they want. It’s exactly what we’ve been doing with our new telecoms partner, MetTel, over the past few months.

MetTel is a leading global provider of integrated digital communications solutions. We’re bringing them the power of A.I. enabled automation to help them launch AI for Communications. This Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) project aims to bridge the gap between their customers and their network.

The AI for Communications project will improve services to MetTel’s Bruin Cloud platform. It’ll also allow them to get a feel for how AI can resolve their customers’ biggest business challenges.

Predicting system issues and accelerating the speed at which network problems are resolved has long been a sore spot for telecoms providers. But with the advent of modern AI applied to Process Automation techniques, it’s now possible – and MetTel won’t be left behind.

Our Partnership

“AI allows us to peer into the future,” said Ed Fox, VP of Network Services and Head of MetTel Customer Innovation Labs. “Through exponential computations on vast data sets, AI for Communications can literally calculate what will happen next in the network. Imagine what that means.”

Our partnership is just beginning. The first phase has been to analyze MetTel’s network performance and develop an AI that can identify issues before they happen. Intelligent Process Automation will be able to make decisions about resources, provisioning, inventory assessment, asset allocation, and trouble ticket prioritization. With proactive AI problem solving, we’ll be able to determine the rate of degradation of circuits. It will also allow us to allocate the right resources for their resolution.

Fox had this to say about the company’s advancements with IPA: “Instead of a room full of experts in different disciplines triaging complex problems, we can harness the equivalent of thousands through AI analyzing trouble tickets and immediately identifying likely causes, based on historical human experience and current network indicators.”

We can’t wait to bring the power of IPA capabilities to MetTel and their customers, and we really can’t overstate how excited we are to explore the potential AI discoveries and advancements this partnership could bring to the world. Read more about the MetTel partnership.

Learn more about the capabilities of Intelligent Process Automation and how to get started by downloading our free ebook.

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