Achieving IDC Innovator Status with Production-Ready A.I.

A recent article by Forbes found that only 14.6% of firms have deployed AI capabilities into production. The report found that although 64.8% of firms had invested over $50 million into AI technology last year, less than 15% were realizing the true potential of their investments.

There are many reasons this could be, such as lack of functionality, structure, or data to get their projects deployed. As a result, organizations are missing out on opportunities for significant cost savings, increased capacity, and improved output quality. 

Our recent recognition by IDC as Innovators was achieved for our ability to help our customers realize these A.I. benefits with our tried and tested process. 

Recognized by IDC

As we revealed in our previous blog post, we were recently recognized in the 2020 IDC Innovators report for Artificial Intelligence Services. There were a number of reasons for our win, which included our combined talent pool, our A.I. Academy, and our open-source development solution Konstellation

The cumulative impact of all these areas of our business model comes down to one key capability – helping our clients overcome their AI challenges and get their projects into production. 

Bridging the gap between the lab and production 

A.I. has the ability to bring significant value to businesses, from automating complex processes to predicting future outcomes and enhancing the quality of output. Although many organizations recognize this, most of them fail to achieve the true potential of their A.I. investments. 

There is one key reason behind this failure to launch – a lack of expertise to engineer the theory into practice. 

A key factor in our IDC recognition is our ability to bridge this gap between theory and production using well-structured data science and engineering methodologies through our Konstellation solution. 

How do we do this?

Harnessing our A.I. engineering expertise and a seasoned process, we work with our partners to explore the range of possibilities for A.I. within their business and determine which are the most viable and valuable. 

Once the best application for A.I. is determined, we can then calculate the ROI of a solution and its long-term outcomes before we even begin development. 

Our approach allows us to focus on solutions that aren’t only theoretically sound, but can be efficiently and economically engineered and deployed into production, and begin generating real business value. 

“Whether you’re trying to deliver seamless customer experiences, maintain profit margins as your product scales or create increased capacity, A.I. and process automation have the versatility to solve challenges that are essential to staying competitive. The skill is to get these solutions into a real production environment where they can make a commercial difference – which is exactly what we help our customers achieve.”

– Chris Brown, COO, Intelygenz.

Working with an IDC innovator

Being backed by an IDC Innovator means our customers are working with a trusted, internationally-recognized technology company with a certified process for getting their A.I. production-ready.

By working with our customers to demystify A.I., we help them to implement solutions that provide real business value and predictable ROI. 

Discover how our approach led us to IDC recognition as Innovators along with other key differentiators by reading the report below.

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