Intelygenz achieves IDC Innovator status

2020 was a year of unexpected challenges for every single business. At Intelygenz, we were fortunate to have the ability to continue delivering solutions that meet our usual high standards. Looking back on a year no-one could have predicted, we are very proud and grateful for what we have achieved; from supporting MetTel in achieving Gartner recognition, to our team members helping frontline workers throughout the pandemic.

As the year came to an end, we became the latest software vendor to be named an IDC Innovator. 

But how did we achieve this title, and what does it mean going forward?

Becoming IDC Innovators

Global market intelligence provider IDC published their December 2020 report which names Intelygenz as IDC Innovators for Artificial Intelligence Services. 

In the report, they outline our “specialization in Intelligent Process Automation, which increasingly incorporates the use of A.I. for benefit realization” as a key factor in selection. Another criteria we met was our demonstration of innovative new technology and groundbreaking business model. 

The three areas of our business model that secured our status were: 

  1. Combining talent from multiple disciplines to work on client projects, i.e. process consultants, product owners, developers, DevOps experts, data scientists, and ML engineers.
  2. Our Intelygenz A.I. Academy which takes business and technical leaders through sessions ranging from discovering potential A.I. applications to building and testing A.I. models.
  3. Our Intelygenz Lab which drives R&D activities to experiment with emerging technologies and develop techniques to apply A.I. to business problems. The lab also develops training programs for employees and clients, engages with developers, and contributes to open source projects.

The A.I. Academy

A key factor in this achievement, our A.I. Academy puts A.I. into reach and allows businesses to experiment and develop their own A.I. solutions. In a year that has seen so much change, businesses are increasingly relying on A.I. and automation to accelerate business growth. 

The A.I. Academy allows businesses to explore the many ways it can be implemented and developed within their own business to solve their unique and complex problems and deliver true value. 

Intelygenz Lab 

Another key element of our IDC Innovator award is our Intelygenz Lab, a hub for our research and development of A.I. software which allows us to find new ways of applying emerging tools and techniques. 

Through training, conferences and meet-ups, and our active projects, Lab helps us ensure guaranteed delivery of high-quality solutions as we pool our collective learnings to solve problems and make improvements.

Another area of our business model expansion includes our latest project Konstellation. This is an open-source solution that takes the complexity out of building, deploying, and maintaining A.I. solutions. Konstellation allows our partners to realise their A.I. visions by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to develop and put them into production. 

These components of Intelygenz help us to drive our main business goal – deploying business-critical intelligent automation solutions that drive growth and high ROI for our partners. By combining our set of skills, methodologies, technologies and creativity, we are able to deliver true value to our partners. 

Read the full report to learn more about our achievement.

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