Generating value with A.I. solutions: Where to start

Uncover the ways to successfully implement A.I. solutions in your business

An increasing number of businesses are realizing that A.I. solutions aren’t only hugely beneficial, but also essential for future success. According to a Forbes article, 84% of respondents believe that A.I. is necessary for gaining a competitive edge, and a further 63% believe it is crucial for reducing costs. 

Additionally, 54% of executives claim that their A.I. solutions have helped them increase productivity. With many different uses for A.I. – like A.I. enabled process automation – it has the power to provide enhanced value to your business, by significantly reducing costs and creating specialist capabilities.

But the most important stage in implementing A.I. solutions is to determine the areas where it can be applied to gain a competitive advantage. 


Understanding A.I.

Before you can dive into implementing an A.I. solution for your business, it’s important to first understand what A.I. really is, what it can and can’t do, what is required to put A.I. solutions into production, and what the real-life uses actually are. A.I. is complex and is currently the center of a lot of hype, so it’s very important to cut through this before launching your first project.

From Machine Learning techniques to Natural Language Processing and more, A.I. can be used to detect faults, classify events, extract data, automate processes, and so much more. Every industry has almost unlimited options when it comes to leveraging this technology to make improvements, generate revenue and stay competitive. 

Determining the Best Applications for A.I.

Once you’ve grasped an understanding of the different types and uses for A.I., it’s time to determine the best application for A.I. within your own business. Less than 10% of A.I. pilot projects reach full-scale production, and this is because many businesses make the mistake of rushing into an A.I. project without the proper knowledge, processes, skills, and tools needed for successful implementation. 

Our A.I. Academy is a training course that helps businesses increase the knowledge of their technical and non-technical teams on the applications and returns of implementing A.I. solutions. 

The aim of the course is to help your business: 

  • Discover A.I. benefits through prediction and decision-making.
  • Gain basic software coding knowledge to build and test your own A.I. models on real data sets.
  • Complete a practical workshop where you’ll build your own A.I. model and compete with your colleagues.


By the end of the A.I. Academy, your business will have gained a deeper understanding of the different types of A.I. and its benefits, the best applications within the organization, and possess the basic skills to prepare your data and use it to develop and test real-world A.I. models.

Prioritize the Solution with the Highest Potential ROI

After completing the Intelygenz Academy, you’ll have uncovered the various possible areas for application of various A.I. solutions. To determine the best candidate, you can prioritize the solution with the highest potential ROI. In a previous blog post, we uncovered the method for calculating an approximate ROI of an automation project specifically. 

MetTel took part in our A.I. Academy and were able to discover 30 possible applications for A.I. within their business. Their A.I. enabled process automation solution successfully made it into production and was able to automate 52% of a complex process. This is now delivering the ROI they set out to achieve, and is continually being improved.  Read the full case study here to find out more. 


Looking to learn more about where A.I. could take your business? Our A.I. Academy will take you through one of three A.I. Business Workshops (½ day, 1 day or 2 day) where you can gain a comprehensive understanding of A.I. and use it to drive your business forward.

Download the A.I. Academy guide here:

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