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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Marketing

What Do You Know About Artificial Intelligence for Marketing? The digital revolution has brought us many wonderful gadgets such as […]

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The History of Artificial Intelligence

Embark on a Journey Through the History of Artificial Intelligence But first, what is Artificial Intelligence? What has Artificial Intelligence […]

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Deep Learning vs Machine Learning in Business

In recent years, the term “Deep Learning” has found its place in the business sector when discussing artificial intelligence, big […]

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Are You Aware of the Impact of AI on Your Business?

Some of the most relevant Spanish Artificial Intelligence stakeholders gather every 3 months through, a platform that organizes events […]

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Analytics and Big Data: It’s Not Just About Data

By 2020, each person on Earth will be creating 1.7 megabytes of data per second. By then, the Internet of […]

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Deep Learning: The A.I. Branch That Can Detect Tumors

You use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solutions every day, even if you don’t know it. Image recognition is one of its […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Us Enjoy Skylines

Johannesburg has a very characteristic skyline. With the tallest buildings in the continent, an amazing skyline dominates the horizon. Visible […]

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The Impact of Machine Learning in a Data-Driven Economy

Businesses gather a ton of information – and with machine learning, there’s finally a way to use it. With the […]

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A.I. Recommendation Engines for Businesses

Digital disruption is changing consumer behavior. As technology continues to advance, consumer behavior will evolve faster and faster. Right now, […]

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