Issue tracking and resolution systems are an essential part of business. Yet, the tech used to streamline the trouble ticket process isn’t as effective it could be, making it difficult to scale business profitably. Up sizing ticket resolution systems means increasing costs, time, and manpower.


MetTel is a telco out of New York. Its ticketing system functions as a multi-choice decision tree path operated by a MetTel engineer and operator. Like all workplaces, MetTel operators and engineers vary by years of experience, skill, and other human factors, making it difficult to guarantee speed and consistency when it comes to issue resolution.


MetTel wondered if new technology could improve speed and consistency when it came to its trouble ticket system – and we were happy to take on the challenge.


Ticket Next Best Action (TNBA) is a trouble ticket resolution system that we designed, built and implemented for MetTel. It combines the power of AI and software automation and can flex to accommodate any ticketing system. Here’s how it works:


We began by training TNBA using MetTel’s historical data. This data was fed into our AI, which learned which actions are best to take, and when. The AI is now integrated into MetTel’s issue resolution center, making decisions as queries come in. Once a decision on a particular ticket has been reached, Intelygenz software comes into play, using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to act upon and fully execute the AI’s decision through automated processes.


TNBA is therefore two-fold: it combines Advanced Machine Learning in the first instance, to sort the best possible choice for a ticket, and automated software in the second, to resolve the issue. TNBA completes all tickets at all times: this allows businesses to scale while keeping customer support costs down.


We found that by combining AI decision-making and RPA, MetTel can now deal with every ticket-related challenge automatically and consistently. The AI is trained from best historical data, meaning it behaves like MetTel’s most experienced engineer – and has the capacity to keep learning. This allows MetTel staff to spend more time on tasks that cannot be automated, such as unique tickets and more complex tasks.


MetTel is now empowered by its ticket resolution system to provide quality support services and customer retention, effectively increasing margins and allowing for profitable growth.


Read our case study here for more info on how we revolutionised MetTel’s issue tracking system.


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