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Get your custom software up and running quicker, and expand its capabilities with artificial intelligence.

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Creating and launching a new software product is an intricate process. As your product building partner, we can help you overcome the biggest challenges to development and deliver capabilities that you may consider out of reach.

Building custom software with Intelygenz allows you to:

Deploy at speed with product building

at speed

Our roster of expert developers can work as a diverse and highly-skilled extension of your team, allowing you to bring a high-quality custom software product to market quickly.

specialist product building


With a broad range of technical capabilities, we utilize the latest tools and techniques to expand what your software can achieve and the ROI it delivers. This includes elevating your solution to an Intelligent Product, using artificial intelligence.

avoid disruption with product building


Building a product takes time, dedication and talent. With our specialist project team at your back, you can avoid disruption to your core business and focus on doing what you do best.

Elevate your product with A.I.

Where custom software development gives you control of your solution, the integration of artificial intelligence to create an Intelligent Product delivers almost limitless possibilities for your business. Our A.I. capabilities use data to learn, predict, suggest and make decisions where humans are slow, or the task too complex.

This helps you to:

Expand product capabilities

A.I. technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, speech recognition and computer vision/image recognition expand the capabilities of your solution and remove limitations.

Expand product capabilities

Improve service levels

In many cases, this will allow your business to reach service levels that are simply unachievable without the cognitive capabilities of A.I. , such as enhancing the experience of your customers or significantly improving your accuracy.

Improve service levels

Utilize your data

The best part of elevating your product with A.I. is that your business may already be sitting on the data it needs to deliver its value. If this isn’t the case, the process of capturing a quality data set can begin with the prospect of elevating with A.I. in the future.

Utilize your data
Intelligent product - production stage

We make A.I. more accessible using our tried and tested processes

The knowledge and skills required to get an A.I. project out of the lab and into production are incredibly specialized.

Using a tried and tested process, we’ve been able to help businesses overcome these challenges, bridge the chasm and access A.I.

 *PWC Digital Product Development 2025

Cornerstones of development

Whether we’re building a product with or without A.I. capabilities, we have three core methodologies that sit as the cornerstones of our software development.

With an average of 66% of software projects in the industry overrunning*, these approaches ensure we can deliver quickly, flexibly and with the highest quality output.

*Source – Mckinsey Digital – Article October 1, 2012

In Agile
we trust

Agile is an approach to software development that promotes regular evolution of the solution, through collaboration between development teams and product owners. Through more frequent iterations, it keeps the development process adaptable and the final solution more agile.


We believe

When it comes to testing, Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), unites members of the entire project team and the product owner. It prioritizes collaboration and communication, giving the software customer full visibility throughout the project.


DevOps at
the core

As the name suggests, DevOps brings development and operations teams together. The practices associated with DevOps create a shorter development lifecycle that focusses on continuous delivery and quality improvement.

Intelygenz Tech Stack

Download our Tech Stack for a list of the latest technologies and methodologies we’re using, including our A.I. capabilities.


Product building in action

Explore some of the custom software solutions we’ve delivered for customers across the globe, including Intelligent Products elevated with artificial intelligence.

The All-Digital Bank

An entrepreneurial bank wanted to fill a gap between consumer banking and large enterprise banking services to better serve their growing market of freelancers and small businesses by creating a fee-free financial service. We built an all-digital bank which integrated with dozens of external payment and financial services providers, enabling over 10,000 entrepreneurs to bank on their own terms.

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Improving Insights into Student Demographics

An educational marketing company wanted to create a way to help universities, colleges, and schools track the student enrolment process and gather tailored insights. We built a fully-customisable dashboard with real-time insights which went on to successfully serve more than a dozen educational institutions.

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One App, Endless Audio

An international audio technology company was looking for a practical way to showcase the potential of their sound to customers looking to compare and combine products. We were able to build a custom app which allowed employees to browse their entire range of sound products and make instant comparisons from just one device.

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